What is ‘Relationships Matter to Schools’?

06 August 2020

We are a group of people working for different organisations in Hartlepool who have come together to carry out work supporting our families, communities and services to have better relationships. We believe children will benefit if we can all have better relationships!

We haven’t been set up for very long and we need local parents to get involved and have their voice heard about what we are doing. We will be working closely with parents, schools, and other agencies to understand what enables good relationships between families and schools and what gets in the way of good relationships. As a parent in Hartlepool you have a massively important part to play by sharing your point of view to make sure that the work benefits other parents just like you.

Right now the work we do includes:

  • Parents helping other parents to have better relationships with their child, and their child’s other parent - making positive changes in the community
  • Supporting schools and parents or carers to have good relationships, which help children and families to be heard, and get support if they need it
  • Offering support to parents and carers who aren’t getting along to make life better for them and their child

How could you be involved?

We are looking for local parents with children under the age of 16 to be part of our group. These are our suggestions of how you could be involved but if you have other suggestions, we would love to hear them!

Parent Surveys

If you want to help us and share your views but would struggle to attend meetings, or come along and chat, you could be part of our survey group! Parents in this group will be sent surveys every now and then to ask for your opinions to help us with the work we are doing.

Parent Voice

We will occasionally be holding focus groups and consultations to ask your opinion on different topics that are linked with our objectives. During parents voice you will be able to share your experiences and expertise as a parent.

Board Member

A board member will come along to our meetings once every 2 months. Currently these are being held over Zoom and are approximately 1.5 hour long. Meetings involve hearing updates about how different organisations are working together to promote the importance of relationships, and is a platform to share your views as a parent and have your say about services in the town. There will be a lot of work done with local schools and we want to hear about your experiences as a parent with a child in a school in Hartlepool.


If you would like more information or to join contact Indre on 07538184465 or indre.kennedy@changingfuturesne.co.uk


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