Change a life for the better


 Give your time, have fun, help children, meet new people and learn new things. Whatever your age, whatever your background, you can make a difference to vulnerable children and young people. We are always looking from people to join our volunteering opportunities across Teesside.

Be an Independent Visitor anywhere in Tees Valley

Befriend a child or young person who is being ‘looked after’, for instance in foster care or a children’s home. Do fun things together monthly and for at least a year, ideally two. We welcome applications from anyone in the Teesside area who is over 18 and able to commit to 2 years volunteering. Learn more.


Become A MENtor - Positive Male Role Models

We are currently in need of male volunteers who would be able to support young men in the local community. Strong male role models are key to young men in our area growing up feeling supported, listened too and confident about their future ahead. Find out more here.

Interested in becoming a befriender?

Keep in touch with us here and learn how your time and effort can make a massive impact on a young person's life.