Volunteer FAQs

No, the relationship with a young person is purely one-to-one to ensure the time is dedicated to them. 

Yes, as long as the young person is comfortable around dogs and your dog is comfortable around other people.

No, our volunteers are matched only with one child or young person at a time to ensure they can dedicate the required time and commitment needed.

No, we do not introduce a child or young person to your personal lives, including your home. 

No, to ensure consistency for all, we do not expect volunteering to cost anyone money. 

We have safeguarding measures in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of a child or young person, these measures are covered in detail within our training sessions. There is always a member of staff on call to support you if you feel that yourself or a young person is in immediate danger, however our family support workers or volunteer coordinators are available to support you if you need it, we are not just there for the children and young people. 

The initial meet will be arranged by our volunteer coordinators who will introduce you to the foster carer of the child to exchange details in arranging future visits. There is not a set length of time for a visit, it can be flexible to the needs and likes of you and your young person and the activity you are doing together. 

There are lots of activities you can do with you young person, if that is as an Independant Visitor or a Mentor. These include going out for food, cinema, bowling, walking, picnic, football matches, rugby matches, art gallery, pottery painting, trampolining, nail painting and going to the beach. If you are ever unsure if an activity is suitable, please speak to your Family support worker or volunteer coordinator to check.

No, while it may be easier, it is not a requirement. In cases where volunteers do not drive, they would be expected to use public transport and be reimbursed fir the cost (this does not include taxi's)