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Children's Space

A place for you to understand, learn & get advice on changes happening in your family.

It's really worrying when you find out your parents might be splitting up. It can also be hard if your parents argue a lot and you are worried IF they will split up. You might be worried about what happens next but you are not alone.

It's ok to ask lots of questions about what might happen and it's really important to let your feelings out. We have safe, trained people who work at Changing Futures who you can talk to about your worries, you can find more out here


1. It is not your fault your parents are splitting up

2.There are lots of different reasons why parents separate.

3. It can take time for everyone to adjust but that's ok.

It can be really hard to talk about your parents separating, you can always ring Childline on 0800 1111 or you can chat to their counsellors here.