Tips and Tricks: Co-parenting in the Summer Holidays

11 July 2023

The six-week holiday is almost here, bringing excitement (and maybe a little of dread!) for families across Teesside. For separated parents, this time of year can bring its own set of challenges. Let's explore some common concerns and practical tips for an ideal co-parenting experience.


  • Preparation- The first step in preparing for the six-week holiday is to address childcare arrangements. When it comes to dividing the six-week holiday, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. The key is to prioritise your child's well-being and determine what is best for them. “Making the arrangements in good time will give certainty to both parents, bringing you peace of mind,” says our mediator, Jane Affleck, “And it means the children know what is coming in the weeks ahead.”
  • Be Flexible- As the holiday season gets underway, it's natural for arrangements to change slightly. Children often spend blocks of time with each parent to make the most of their summer break, but it’s important to arrange something that works best for everyone. Jane says “School holidays bring a change of routine. Living arrangements that work well in term-time can prove inadequate in the summer.”
  • Keeping the Other Parent Involved- If you're planning a holiday with your children for a week or two, consider how you can keep your child connected to their other parent especially if they are still very young. You might want to agree to share photos, do video calls, etc.

  • Going Abroad- If your holiday plans involve travelling abroad, make sure all necessary passport arrangements are sorted well in advance. If your child's passport has a different surname than yours, starting a conversation with your ex-partner about getting a consent letter in good time is a smart idea.
  • Keep things within Budget- Staying at home during the break can lead to worries about costs. Remember, there are numerous ways to minimise costs while maximising fun. Research your local parks, libraries, and museums as they often host free or low-cost activities for children. These resources provide plenty of fun experiences without putting a strain on your budget.

Remember that support is available. If you're struggling to communicate with your ex-partner or reach agreements, reach out to a mediation service like Tees Valley Mediation. We offer face-to-face and Zoom video-based appointments, helping to simplify discussions and find resolutions that work for both parents and the well-being of the children involved.

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