System Change, Participation and Research Officer. (Relationships Matter to Schools)

13 May 2020

We're Hiring!

Location- Hartlepool

Salary-£25,000 per annum


Hours- Full time - Negotiable up to 37.5 hours per week (Initial 2 years, extended subject to funding)


If you believe that children and parents should be at the heart of systems - be trusted, listened to, respected and enabled to shape their own destinies, this is the perfect job for you.

In Hartlepool we believe that parents and children’s voices need not only to be heard, but enabled to meaningfully shape the social, emotional and academic lives of children. Building on 5 years of partnership working between charities, public sector bodies and private sector agencies, you have a unique opportunity to help families to shape the systems around them to best meet their actual needs.

You will be employed on behalf of the Relationships Matter to Schools programme by Changing Futures North East, a local Charity that believes that building and maintaining healthy, reciprocal relationships between people is the key to individual health, happiness and achievement, and the health, happiness and achievement of organisations and systems too. The organisation was the host for a partnership that was awarded a £1.56mill grant to work across Hartlepool agencies to help them improve the way they support families to develop healthy relationships, and to successfully navigate the change process during 2015-2020. As a result of this partnerships success, a further two years grant funding have been secured to host a new partnership to specifically support change in the education system.

Further details are available at:

The role is also commonly referred to in other sectors and in recent publications as a ‘System Steward’. More information about system stewardship and the principles around it can be found here.

In addition, the successful candidate will be expected to demonstrate the following core values in the role:

  • Working in partnership with people, ‘doing with them’ instead of ‘doing to them’
  • Consulting with people, understanding their point of view and supporting them to have their voice heard
  • Being an independent part of the system that can consider views of both parents and professionals


Full job description here.


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