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Hartlepool’s First ‘How to Argue Better’ Training!

31 July 2018

This month the Healthy Relationships Partnership team delivered Hartlepool’s first ‘How to Argue Better’ Training for a group of 16 professionals working with families and parents locally. How to Argue Better is a programme created by One Plus One, a national charity dedicated to helping people build stronger relationships. The training aims to give workers a greater understanding of parental conflict and how it affects children and to build confidence to support couples dealing with conflict in their relationship. The day was packed with practical tips and tools that staff can pass onto families and we received some great comments from our attendees…

“I thought it was a really strong course. It is simple to follow and really good practical tools to use in different types of relationships.”

“Activities are simple yet really effective and can be adaptable to the families we work with.”

“Was interesting, interactive and had good examples / DVDs that helps to explain to families the impact of arguing when children are around.”

“The tools are very relevant and I will use them when supporting families.”

“Very well delivered – great participation exercises.”

More training will be delivered for workers this year so that  parents can access the skills in a variety of venues across the town. Organisations that are committed to becoming part of our Family Relationship Network can complete How to Argue Better training to up-skill their staff and benefit their clients. Click here to find out more about the Family Relationship Network and how you can access free resources and training by signing up! 


We’re really looking forward to seeing the difference the training makes to families through the work of this group of training attendees. If you’re interested in where you can access How to Argue Better as a parent or carer follow us on Facebook and Twitter or sign up to our Newsletter for more information.


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