Keeping Positive & Managing Mental Health

Supporting your Families Mental Wellbeing

It's important to remember your own and your families mental wellbeing during this time.

There is a lot of information about Covid-19, it's on the news, all over social media and the main topic of conversation. It is completely normal to have feelings of fear, anxiety, stress and anxiousness.

On top of all this information we are now required to stay at home. Being at home with family members can mean a lot of positive quality time together. It could also bring added tension and stress. 

These links below may be useful to use when things can seem too much.

  • Cosmic Kids Yoga- A wonderful Youtube channel full of videos about yoga, mindfulness and relaxation for children.
  • Headspace- Meditation, relaxation and sleep resources.
  • A quick video on how to support and manage your Childs anxiety around Coronavirus. Click here.
  • 10 Steps to help build resilience at home.
  • Action for Happiness is an organisation that help people take action to achieve a happier and kinder world. They posts lots of positive content such as their calendar for April where it helps you do one positive thing a day!
  • Childline's Calm Zone has activities, exercises and games all designed to make you feel calmer. 
  • Safety Planning- managing negative & suicidal thoughts.