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Student Volunteering Week | 22-28th February

Studying at University is a busy and exciting time! It can seem hard to find the time to volunteer with deadlines looming or the ‘fresher’s flu’ getting you down! However, the benefits of volunteering are enormous to your well-being, studies and your future career and it doesn’t have to take over your life to be beneficial! We offer opportunities to support children and young people in the north east, making a lasting difference to a childs life while kick-starting your career plans!

Check out our top reasons why volunteering can benefit your studies and advance your career, see for yourself!


It’s good for you!- Volunteering has physical and mental rewards!

    • It makes you healthier-Emotions like optimism, joy and happiness strengthen your immune system.
    • Reduces stress- When you focus on someone other than yourself it interrupts usually tension-producing patterns like can build up when all nighters in the library get you down!
    • Combats depression- A risk factor for depression is social isolation , volunteering keeps you in regular contact with others and builds up new and lasting friendship

Gain professional experience – Build up highly valued workplace skills!

  • You can test out a future career interest while making a difference. Volunteer within a charity or organisation that does the kind of work your interested in such as teaching, social work or counselling!
  • Promotes personal growth and skills such as confidence, leadership qualities and self esteem!
  • Understanding of professional practices such as commercial awareness, professional behaviours, accountability an time management.
  • Recognize your own potential!
  • Benefit from ongoing professional training and development. CFNE provides training for all potential volunteers!
  • Gain experience that will make your CV shine and build up contacts that will provide you with great references.

Advance your learning and studies!

  • Apply theory to practise! Put all that learning to good use while helping someone else.
  • Volunteering within local non-profit agencies enables you to learn about the functions and operations of our government.
  • The sense of purpose achievied and engaging with a wider community reduces the liklihood of students dropping out.

Change a future- Make a lasting difference

  • Unite with people from diverse backgrounds and work towards a common goal.
  • Support families and youth groups through becoming a mentor , Independent Visitor or volunteering within a youth club.
  • A great chance to give back!

Get a head start with your future career!

  • Employers value volunteering! Employers  actively look for evidence of volunteering in CV’S and potential interview candidates. Volunteering proves you have challenged yourself and gone the extra mile while studying!
  • 73% of employers said they would rather employ someone with voluntary experience than someone without. 58% of employers say that voluntary work experience can actually be more valuable than experienced gained in paid employment.” Timebank Survay, Assosciation of Graduate Recruiters.
  • Build up your own personal and professional network. Volunteering within a school mentoring project or local community centre will mean you will already have relationships with relevant profressionals when you are applying for jobs.

Its fun!

  • It’s a fun and easy way to explore your interest and passions!
  • You get to socialise with like minded individuals to help make the community a better place for the future!
  • Provides you with renewed motivation, postivitiy and creativity that can carry over into your professional life.

A few hours a week of volunteering can make a huge difference in your life and a childs! Take a look on our website for more volunteering information and case studies! We would love to hear from you and you can find out more about what going on at Changing Futures on our Facebook page! Please ring 01429 891 444 and speak to Jess to find out more or just fill out our application form and we’ll be in touch.