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Child Contact Do’s and Don’t

Child Contact Do’s and Don’t

Communicating with your child after separation or divorce can be difficult and leave your child feeling confused or anxious. Here are our top Dos and Don’ts for speaking to your child during child contact time:


Do choose a time that is good for you both.


Don’t choose a space that is full of distractions to talk to your child.


Do try to listen to your child and remove your own emotions and feelings. This can be hard, but your child will benefit from feeling listened too even if you are unable to make changes immediately.


Don’t “interrogate” or overly question your child during or after contact. This can make your child feel anxious and that you are checking up on the other parent.


Do show an interest about their time with the other parent but be aware that too much questioning about specifics can cause your child to worry that they (or the other parent) has done something they should not.


Don’t leave mobile phones, TV’s or other mobile devices turned on. They could disturb you from an important conversation.



If you have problems with child contact arrangements with your ex partner our mediation service could help you. Click here to find out about mediation or call us on 01429 891444 to speak to one of our team.