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What is Mediation?

What is Mediation?

What is Mediation

Mediation is a process where two people can meet in a safe, neutral place to talk about and negotiate any issues following on from their separation or divorce.

This could be:

  • Arrangements for the children.
  • Issues around property and finance
  • What happens to the house we shared?
  • What about our savings and other assets?
  • What about our debts?
  • What about our pensions?


Mediators don’t take sides and have no vested interest in the outcome.


How do I make an appointment

Just phone in! It’s as easy as that! Even if you think your Ex won’t come, our friendly Business Support Team will talk to you about the best way to approach him or her.


How long are appointments and how many would I need

Appointments are usually 1 hour for children’s issues and 2 hours for financial issues. At the end of the session we will produce for you either a child only outcome statement or a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ for financial mediations. These documents are not legally binding but most people will use their Memorandum of Understanding to form the basis of their consent order if divorcing.


Would I have to meet with my Ex

Mediation is far more likely to succeed if two people can meet together. However, we would never put you together until we had met with you separately to check out how it would feel for you, talk about your concerns and discuss how we can make the process as comfortable as possible for you.

At this point we would also assess your eligibility for legal aid for mediation. This is based on your income and we need to see income evidence. *


What if there is or has been Domestic Violence

Your mediator will discuss with you whether or not mediation would be suitable or appropriate in your circumstances. If going ahead with mediation, appointments are carefully planned to ensure everybody’s safety. If it’s considered not safe or appropriate it may be that you would be exempt from using the mediation process. Speak to our colleagues at Harbour (01429 268600) or My Sister’s Place (01642 241864) for advice, support and information.


What Information will I need to provide?

Mediation will ask you to make full financial disclosure (produce all your financial information such as wage slips, bank statements, mortgage statements, credit card statements, loan agreements among other things). You will be asked to fill out income and expenditure forms to help work out what would be a practical and affordable and fair way of dealing with your finances.


Do I need Legal Advice

You don’t have to but it could be very helpful and inform your negotiations particularly in financial matters. Mediators can’t  give legal advice but did you know YOU MAY BE ABLE TO GET FREE LEGAL ADVICE IF YOU ARE ELIGIBLE FOR LEGAL AID FOR MEDIATION TO HELP SUPPORT YOUR NEGOTIATIONS, PARTICULARLY FOR FINANCIAL ISSUES.


*PLEASE NOTE  Legal Aid can’t be approved until we have seen paper copies of your income evidence such as wage slips, benefit award letters, tax credit letters. Our business support team can give you lots of support with any questions regarding eligibility , please ring 01429 869 247.