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What are the Benefits of Mediation?

What are the Benefits of Mediation?

What are the benefits of Mediation

Mediation is LESS STRESSFUL, LESS COSTLY (both financially and emotionally) and QUICKER than court.

Taking your case to court is likely to end up costing you thousands of pounds, taking months or even years to be finalised and still result in a decision you are unhappy with and cannot change.


For the children:

They’re your children – you know them best – you make the decisions!

It supports you in putting the needs of the children first, particularly when feelings are raw and angry.

It helps you find a way of supporting the children by deciding how to work together as parents, even though the adult relationship is over.

If appropriate, children can be spoken to by the mediator to give them a voice that will help parents make decisions.

It focuses on the needs of the children, their personalities, the importance of wider family relationships and anything else that is important in their lives so that as parents you can come up with arrangements that will take these things into consideration.

It helps you to look at any practical issues that get in the way such as work commitments, distance, travel etc.

It frees children up to enjoy spending time with both parents, allowing them to be children.


For the Parents

It gives you a neutral safe place to talk and negotiate things. You decide what to talk about and the mediator helps to keep you on track.

Improves ways of communication resulting in less conflict.

Leads to more co-operative parenting.

Can help you make fair and reasonable decisions about property and financial matters such as:

  • What happens to the home you shared?
  • How will we split up what savings or other assets we may have?
  • What about those debts?
  • What about pensions?