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Mediation: Why Choose Us

Mediation: Why Choose Us

Our mediators have been trained to a high standard by National Family Mediation and have 25 years experience of delivery.

We are local, easy to access and flexible about appointment times. After hours and Saturday appointments are available. Click here to see what venues we use.

If you are not eligible for legal aid, our fees are very competitive compared to other mediation services. Click here to see our cost leaflet.

We understand that parents and children might have a lot going on in their lives that can get in the way of them sorting out some of the issues they bring to mediation. Therefore we also offer a range of services that support children and families who are using mediation. This may take the form of family support or more specialist support for children. Your mediator or our Business Support Team can give you more information about this.




“The whole process has been extremely beneficial and extremely rewarding to me at a personal level and the impact this has had on my child has been priceless.” – Female, 25-34


“Never thought the service would work or even help me but I could not have been more wrong, this totally changed my opinion. Excellent service has changed all our lives for the better. One of the best things we have done for our child.” – Male


“My ex partner now understands the importance of seeing things from my point of view instead of just his own and appears more prepared to listen, as he approaches things more calmly it reduces conflict.” – Female, 25-34


“The staff have been wonderful and I found them to be friendly, really kind and understanding and always on the other end of the phone, they have been great.” – Female, 35-44


“Led to less stress and worries for our child, we communicate openly with each other and come to agreements that work for all of us involved in the separation.” – Male, 35-44


“Fantastic service with outstanding support.” – Female, 25-34


“Fabulous service. Friendly, helpful and greatly improved our family life and relationships.” – Female, 35-44


“Found the service very helpful. Staff polite and friendly and supported me and family through the current situation with the separation, they have helped me to reduce my childs worries.” – Male, 35-44


“We respect each other more and understand that it was stressful for us all. We believe that this has helped our child and she is happier. Her behaviour has improved at home as well.” – Female, 55-64


“The flexibility of the service and the support throughout has been excellent and having an impartial person to help. It has been able to fit into our lifestyle easily.” – Female, 55-64


“I have found everybody involved to be supportive, understanding, empathetic and always ready to listen.” Female, 35-44



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