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Moving On | Mediation

Moving On | Mediation

When a relationship breaks down it can be hard for everyone. Continued arguments and disagreements can cause even more stress and pain for everyone involved.

We can help! We are experienced in helping people in conflict during or after separation. We provide therapeutic services, access to mediation, conflict resolution and children and young people’s work.

In our conflict and separation work with separated parents:

  • 94% of people who completed said they understood their children’s needs better
  • 77% said they had less conflict
  • 82% said they had a better relationship with their ex

Some help is free. Mediation is FREE for legal aid eligible parents. Our information and costs leaflet is downloadable on the side bar of this web page.


  • is quicker, cheaper and less stressful than court.
  • helps you make long-term solutions that are in your best interests, and any children’s best interests
  • gives both people an equal say
  • is neutral and confidential setting where you can discuss your views
  • gives you a chance to reach an agreement you are happy with. If you go to court to sort out your issues, the judge will make the decisions. You will need to stick to these decisions even if one or both of you feel unhappy about them.
  • Whether people have recently separated or have been separated for many years we can support them. The main ways we help are:
  • Mediation – A mediator starts by meeting each adult separately. This is usually followed by a number of sessions with two adults together that focus on things that are important to you (for example, childrens arrangements, money/finances). Meetings usually last an hour each. For financial issues they usually last two hours each. We prefer to speak to children as part of the mediation process, if you and your child agree.
  • Mediation and One to One Work– We can work with each parent separately for a number of sessions before they work together. This can help each deal with the effects of separation before they move on to talk about making agreements.
  • Conflict Resolution and Relationship Work– This helps people who are separated get along better and it may not focus as much on the specific arrangements between them.
  • Children and Young People’s Work- We can offer therapeutic group work, one to one counselling or one to one consultations with children and young people that have been effected by parents separating. We can also offer some children longer term mentoring in a group, as well as an individual mentor to works with them across the school year.We take the safety of the children and adults we work with very seriously. We do all we can to make sure you and other family members can access help safely. Our compliments and complaints leaflet is downloadable on the side bar of this web page. Please let us know how you found our service, and how we can improve.
  • We want to get better at helping
  • We keep your information confidential to our service. We would only break this without your permission where we were concerned about the safety of an adult or child, or are legally required to.
  • We work safely and ensure confidentiality.

For further information please take a look at our newsletter. If you are experiencing difficulty with separation and would like to know more about how Changing Futures can help, please get in touch on 01429 869247 and someone will be able to advise on how we might be able to support you and your family.


Moving On Mediation