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About Changing Futures North East

About Changing Futures North East

Changing Futures North East believes the relationships in our lives matter!

A variety of healthy relationships inside and outside of the family, and the workplace, protect us for harm and help us thrive. Substantial research evidence demonstrates the value of healthy relationships and their links to positive outcomes.

When relationships are damaged, there is poorly managed conflict, or they are not healthy for us or others, the results can be damaging. They can stop people feeling and doing well, reaching their potential and lead to children being unhappy and suffering. 

Changing Futures North East thinks that supporting healthier relationships needs to be at the heart of strategy and practice including government policy, business strategy, and social work and early help practice. Healthy relationships are good for business performance, good for teams, and within families a great protective factor for children.

This Charity is concerned with making the North East of England a place where people have healthier relationships than anywhere else in the country. We do this by:

  • Supporting and enabling organisations to have better relationships, through consultancy, training and practical support
  • Developing and delivering services to support individuals to have and to maintain healthier relationships
  • Developing and delivering services to help couples and families have and maintain healthier relationships

 We’ve been recognised for the impact we make, and the quality of our service delivery and business management functions:

·         ISO 9008 certified

·         Winners of Hartlepool Business Awards (community category, 2016)

·         Shortlisted, Hartlepool Business Awards (community category, 2017)

·         Shortlisted, Governance Awards, 2017

·         Contractors Health and Safety Standard certified